Your satisfaction is the reason
we are in business.

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About Our Company
Savard Properties, Inc. is a family-run real estate investment company that manages and owns its own properties.  We are landlords with 15 years of real estate experience with a portfolio of over 100+ residential units.  Savard Properties is focused on providing homes our tenants are proud of at good value so that our tenants can focus on achieving their personal goals.

Letter from from the Owner/Founder
The most fun part of our business is seeing the potential in places where others don't and making something beautiful from it.  We like to build, make better communities and transform the runt of the litter to the strongest asset in the street.  That's our passion. We don't stop at "good enough".  We push the limits of what I would call "design-eering", finding the perfect balance between beauty, durability, practicality, efficiency, value and just being smart about design choices.  The end goal is to "inspire aspiration".  We know how difficult work and life can be.  At the end of a tiring day, we don't want you coming home to a place that's a dump and make you feel "stuck", because that is all that you can afford.  We believe that with our humble efforts, we can make a difference in the lives of our tenants.  By providing our tenants with a place they can be proud to call their home, at a reasonable rent, we believe our tenants can come home after a hard day's work and actually relax... actually find solace.  And with simple luxuries, without spending for it, get the extra oomph in a home that makes you think, "Yes, I can!"

What Makes Us Different
We take pride in our units and feel pride when our tenants feel important.  In our company, our tenants are our guests.

  1. Feel respected
    Unlike smaller mom and pop landlords, we have the economies of scale to operate the business at a high professional standard.  If something does breaks down, big or small, we have the means to fix it.  We have a team of in house handymen and suppliers who we trust through the years who will prioritize us to meet your needs. We take the time to listen to you, have the means to act upon it and we make every effort to make your stay with us an enjoyable experience. 
  2. Feel safe
    We go the extra leg to make you feel safe.  We play by the book with respect to tenancy legislation and have personal information protection policies in place.  All our units meet building codes and health/safety standards.  All our units are available for viewing, so you know exactly what you get.  All our basement suite are legal basement suites. We protect our company from fraudulent scams by having an online application form, so that you know your information is secure, and that you are corresponding with the right contacts to make a legit transaction.  (If you are told otherwise, please inform us right away as they are not from Savard Properties, Inc.)  We are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
  3. Feels like home...
    Unlike other larger landlords, we are not strictly driven by profit nor run by property management companies who have to no long-term stake at the deal nor do we have to report to faceless, hands-off investors who dont know you personally and dont care.  In Savard Properties, we care.  We have the personal touch of a family business. We take the time to know you.  We know home is a feeling of being surrounded by family.  We aim to make you feel at home in our homes.

But most of all, in Savard Properties, we believe, that our tenants come first. Your satisfaction is the reason we are in business.