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John Savard, Owner/President – John is in charge of capital management, conflict management and negotiations.





Miren Savard, Founder/Owner/VP/Secretary/Treasurer – Miren is in charge of purchase and investment decisions and the overall operations of Savard Properties, Inc., which includes customer/tenant services, supplier relations, collections, finance and day to day management. 





Amy Stewart, Property Manager - Amy is in charge of viewing/touring all available suites, the tenant application/approval process, managing tenant complaints and scheduling urgent repair requests for tenants and suppliers.  




Kelvin Rozema, Project Manager - Kelvin is in charge of all renovation and major repairs project for the whole Savard Properties portfolio.







Jerry Mae Noble, Administrative Assistant - Jerry is in charge of all office administration tasks and recordkeeping.  She is also incharge of the Proactive Project and scheduling of preventive maintainance / non-urgent repairs.